4th November, Spreading happiness


Students understood role of every animal in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem by reviewing various case studies.


Students were also made aware of various organizations that work to save the animals worldwide like Wildlife Conservation Society, World Wildlife Fund, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, International Union for Conservation of Nature and how they work.



Students further extended their knowledge by brainstorming ways to protect the endangered animals by taking steps like planting trees, using less plastic, recycling things etc.


Students recorded their understanding on a mind map and became aware about their responsibility towards endangered animals and what can be done to protect them.

Students were introduced to the third line of inquiry wherein they analyzed the situations given below and reflected about the same.

  1. What will happen if there were no more tigers on this planet?
  2. Imagine that there were no more cows in this world. What would happen?
  3. Whales have become extinct. What would be the effect?

Summative assessment was taken wherein students explained reasons for animals getting endangered and how can we save them?


Focusing on enhancing the students’ communication skill, a take and talk was conducted on endangered animals where students presented their understanding to their peers from different sections.

Students were assessed on their spellings with a spelling bee. The assessment was marked by the students on a graph attached in the journals.


During their mathematics lessons, students continued with the concept of 2 digit addition. They practiced and solved simple two digit addition sums in their journals.


They also practiced number bonds, doubling and addition through online games and drill sheets.






A formative assessment was attempted by students on addition .


Students approached the concept of pictograph through an activity where they were asked to sit according to their houses (Churchill, Mandela, Lincoln and Gandhi). The teacher represented the number of students in each house on a pictograph. Students further analyzed the pictograph and understood that it was a visual way of representing data.

Students also created a pictograph by tabulating different things from the classroom like number of fans, tables, windows, doors etc. Students analyzed the pictograph and answered few questions.


During their Hindi classes, students attempted sorting out activity using a Venn diagram. They sorted animals according to their habitat. They enhanced their thinking skills through this activity. They also learnt ‘e’( ए) matraa and wrote words and sentences with the same.


The students learned a song on endangered animals, natural, sharp and flat notes on the xylophone and piano.



Students continued working on the poster project. They were also engaged in drawing exercises which included geometric and anthropomorphic forms.


Students were taught a combination of animal inspired movements to enhance their understanding of animal postures and movements.

Physical Education

Students practiced types of dribbling – high dribble, normal dribble to emphasize their use usually when there are no nearby defenders to steal the ball. Technique of low dribble was taught where keeping the ball low to the floor, enabled to decrease the area between the hand and the floor, making it more difficult to steal the ball. Matches to create more interest in football were played.


Students were introduced to `Augmented Reality’ (AR), which is an enhanced version of the real physical world through the use of visual elements, sound or other sensory stimuli. They worked on `Imaginate’ app to further enhance their understanding of AR. Students illustrated Diwali and wrote their heartfelt wishes using MS-Paint.


Sometimes strange things lurk under the bed in our wild imaginations, In Anupa Lal’s hindi story ‘Mere Palang ke neeche’; she plays with the wild imagination of a small child who wakes up at  midnight for drinking water only to find  a tiger under his bed. But mum comes over and pull the tiger out. It turns out to be a tiger pattern on a jacket and after that the child is all set to wear his new jacket and go for a jungle adventure.



Students enhanced their knowledge by attending an assembly on United Nations presented by Grade 1E

Diwali Assembly

Students of grade 1D presented an assembly on Diwali to other grades and teachers.


                   Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali




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