15th September- Healthy choices


This fortnight, students tuned into the third line of inquiry, ‘reflecting on choices and their consequences’. Empty packs and wrappers of food items like cornflakes, chocolate, chips were given to inquire about the terms ingredients and nutritional value. Students also interpreted the significance of the red or green dot on the packs.

Students understood the importance of drinking water with a ‘think before you drink’ experiment, where they investigated into variety of drinks available in the market (bottled water, cold drinks, juice, energy drinks) to find out and compare sugar content in each one of them. Later they sequenced bottles in order of the sugar content and concluded that water has no sugar content in it.

Through  a ‘head to toe’ activity, students explored and identified which food item is necessery for the well being of which body part. For example carrot, spinach are good for the eyes, ginger, honey are good for throat were discussed.


Following the second line of inquiry ‘food and its impact on our body’, a formative assessment was conducted in the class wherein   students were encouraged to draw ‘my healthy plate’. They had to choose any one meal from breakfast, lunch or dinner keeping in mind the food pyramid and plan their plate.


Students visited a popular super market to identify and distinguish between fresh food and processed food items. They were made aware of the variety of choices available in the market and the importance of making the right choice.

Later they displayed the learner profile of being reflective by writing their understanding about the field trip in their journal.IMG_20180913_110527_HDR


During their Math classes, students practiced writing number facts for any given number in their process journals. They revisited odd and even number concepts through an app on the iPad. The concept of place value, ascending  and descending order, more or  less concepts were reinforced.

Students were introduced to number names. They practiced reading and writing number names in their journals.Students tuned into the concept of ‘face value’ and gained knowledge about the difference between ‘place value’ and ‘face value’

Students tuned into the concept of ‘ordinal numbers’ through a race in the school ground. They understood the position of each other in the competition with respect to ordinal numbers.



During English lesson, students inquired about nouns through a gallery walk activity and kept writing names of things they saw and people they met around school. Later they segregated their list to write the words under various categories on  cut-outs appropriately.

Students  looked at the picture of ‘Balanced Diet for 30 seconds and then, they listed 10 things they saw in the picture in their journals.IMG_20180910_085003

Students also listened /read the unit related story ‘Food Fit’. It has explained the importance of different food items and nutrients they give us. Students reflected their understanding through writing/illustrations.



During their Hindi classes, students enhanced their communication skills verbalizing tongue twisters. They also revisited ‘aa’ matraa and wrote words.



During Music lessons, students learned and practiced how to sing ‘Doe a deer’. They gained knowledge about the impact of vocal exercises and how good eating habits play a role in preserving voice quality. Students understood the significance of music therapy and its positive impact on health.


During dance classes, students reflected their observation and understanding of different physical moments that augur health . They also learned to hone their listening and agility skills through a ‘dancing statue’ activity.


Physical Education

During Physical Education lessons, students learned the proper technique and fundamentals of basketball dribbling. Students are practising to improve their basics on ball handling, ball throwing, one hand ball dribble (right to left) to enhance their gross motor skills. Along with this practice, students also are developing their eye hand coordination, strengthening their fore arm and shoulders muscles.


With the belief that there is nothing as powerful as education, the world celebrates Literacy Day every year on  September 8 where children were made aware about the importance of literacy that forms the corner stone of  social and personal development. Students exchanged  books and opted for  two non- fiction books over the last fortnight.


During Art classes, students were assigned creative tasks to explore form and colour through an activity around creation of  fruit composition. They were introduced to basic colour theory. Later  the elements of a basic drawing composition consisting of a background and foreground were explained.

After a discussion on the benefits of consuming fruits for good health, they were assigned two compositional exercises. Drawing by observing a still life fruit composition and  drawing fruit composition using their own imagination and creativity were activities undertaken.

The outcomes included a self-review of their work as they presented it to their peers.

ICT unit integration was implemented through ‘dine decisions’ app where students had to choose healthy food items. They also used the app ‘Scribble’ to make a food pyramid and illustrated the food item under each group.


Students of Grade 1 also participated in the spell bee assembly held by Grade 1D. They shared their knowledge with their peers and enhanced their communication skills .


2 thoughts on “15th September- Healthy choices”

  1. Good to see kids having lot of exposure and knowledge during field trip, in different classes and playground. Arnav have started to understand the importance of balanced diet. He is trying to eat many healthy things. This UOI was very beneficial in improving Arnav’s lifestyle. Thanks to all the teachers. Looking forward for next post.😊

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