1st September

Unit of Inquiry

This fortnight, students tuned into the second line of inquiry, ‘food and its impact on our body’, through a ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ activity.

Students further inquired about the importance of different food groups, through a story, which was followed by a discussion.


They reflected upon their understanding by illustrating the different food groups. Later they made a list of healthy snacks which they could include in their daily diet.

The highlight of the past fortnight was the  guest speaker session by a nutritionist Ms. Anshupriya Bhatnagar. Students gained knowledge about the food pyramid, food groups and their role in keeping us healthy.


During their English lessons, students recapitulated blends cr, br, fr, dr, gr, tr through a ‘donut engagement’ game.

For further practice, students solved a  few blend drill sheets. Students were also assessed on their spellings through a spell bee. The assessment was marked by the students on a graph attached in their journals.

A visual imagery activity was attempted wherein students read poems and illustrated their understanding in their process journals. The poems were integrated with the unit of inquiry.

The students tuned in to phonograms ‘ar’ and ‘or’ through videos. Further, they brainstormed and wrote the words in their journals.





‘Take & Talk’ activity gave an opportunity to the students to choose and share their understanding on ‘5 factors of health’ or ‘the food pyramid.


Students practiced the concept of place value using Abacus and other manipulatives. Students attempted a formative assessment on place value and comparison of numbers.


During their Hindi classes, students watched a PPT on good habits (अच्छी आदतें) and attempted ‘listen and answer’ activity. They also practiced ‘secret song’ for Hindi Diwas.


During dance classes, students worked on the idea of using space to create their stories in groups. As a part of the prior knowledge assessment, the students discussed the relationship between dance and health.


The students created beats on the Congo and identified time signatures of their beats. They have also learned the Kodaly hand signs for different notes. They practiced singing songs like ‘Doe A Deer’ with these hand signs.


Students were briefed on all the drawing tools in MS-Paint. They designed their healthy plate using those tools. They included all the important elements of a healthy diet while  illustrating them.


Students participated in an assembly presented by grade 1C.They spoke about why, when and how Janmashtami is celebrated. They further shared some interesting facts about Lord Krishna on the festival that marks his birthday celebrations.



During library class, students exchanged their books. They participated in the summer assignment winner’s celebration day on  August 30, where the winner’s were felicitated for  their  work and were treated to a movie,  butter popcorn and ice-cream to complete the theatre experience.



During the art classes, the students were introduced to the concepts of colors. They were also explained about the significance of human emotions and how colors  express these emotions. The students were asked to color inside various shapes using  warm and cold colors and were asked to associate and explain why they choose a particular color to express an emotion. The shapes included the human face, geometric and anhromorphic shapes and a fruit composition.

Physical Education

Students  practiced loco motor and non-loco motor skills which enabled them  to maintain stability and control in different positions. The body remained in place and moved around its horizontal or vertical axis ass they practiced.



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