18th August- Healthy Us :-)

Unit of Inquiry

Students continued to gain knowledge about their current unit of inquiry on health. The highlight of the past fortnight was a group activity of making a picture collage. Students gained knowledge about various aspects of health while honing their social and self-management skills.

Students watched a story ‘I love to eat fruits and vegetables’ which was followed by a discussion on how to stay healthy. They wrote their understanding in their journals.


Students also associated objects found from ‘Mystery Box’ to the daily life and how it helps us to keep ourselves healthy.

Students further inquired about the importance of personal hygiene through a discussion. As a follow up activity, they illustrated ways to maintain hygiene. Students reflected about their daily routines and habits through a T-chart. They identified, sorted pictures and illustrated the healthy and unhealthy practices. Students were encouraged to think how they could replace unhealthy habits with healthier ones.

Students participated in a class discussion about how they spent their weekend shouldering various activities. Students interviewed peers and staff members at school to investigate various health factors, habits that individuals portrayed and discussed their findings in class.

Students watched a video on ‘healthy and unhealthy family’



During the English lessons students practiced writing CVC words with medial sounds ‘o’ and ‘u’ in their journals. They wrote a few sentences with these words. Students read ORT books and were assessed for their reading levels with a rubric. Spellings were assessed through a spelling bee. Sight words were recapitulated with a bingo game.

CVC Words

They also revisited few blends using the blend tree and practiced writing blend words in the journals.


During their Math classes, students practiced writing numbers in their process journals. They revisited number concepts like odd/even, quantity association, ascending/descending through ‘think, pair, share’ strategy.

The concept of place value was reinforced using manipulatives. They also represented few numbers in their journals using bars of tens and ones.


A few drill sheets were also attempted and quantity association was practiced using pencils and erasers to represent quantities.


During their Hindi classes, students recited the poem ‘सभी फलों में सेब है न्यारा. An activity helped them identify names of fruits and vegetables in Hindi. They also learnt vyanjan ह, च, द and wrote words with the same.


An assembly was conducted by the students of grade 1B on Independence Day, where they discussed the changes and development that the country has undergone in the last 71 years of freedom. Students mapped the areas under the British rule, analyzed what independence meant to them, how responsibilities go hand in hand with rights. They enjoyed singing songs and the national anthem gave closure to the event.


During the music classes, students were introduced to time signatures in music and they were able to identify the same for different beats played on the Congo. They sang Indian National Anthem. Students displayed International mindedness when they heard the South Korean, Japanese, Israeli and Chinese National Anthems and paid respect to the countries of their fellow classmates.


Students were introduced to research and its types. Later they were divided into two teams and were given examples to identify the types of research. They also learned about various browsers and the type of search engine associated with them. They were briefed on the keywords that they could use for the search. Some tried copy-pasting the image on the MS-Paint too.


During dance students were taught basic floor work through the imagery of starfish and baby. Loco motor skills were also enhanced alongside creative thinking through the theme of animal movements.


To mark India’s Independence Day, a quiz was undertaken. Questions about national tree, national marine animal, national reptile, India’s population, number of states, the national emblem and many more such questions were asked during the library lesson.


For this period the students were introduced to the concepts of color theory and various drawing forms. Activities included, drawing and coloring frontal and side view of a human face, geometric compositions and a fruit composition.

Physical Education

Students worked on motor development by doing relay races. They were involved in different recreational games using cones, small hurdles and ladders. They also worked on improving their flexibility through stretching exercises.




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